Happy Juneteenth!

Supporting Black-owned businesses is a fantastic way to celebrate Juneteenth and empower the Black community. Here are some ways to find and shop at Black-owned businesses on Juneteenth (and beyond!):

  • Search online directories: Directories like National Black Chamber of Commerce, Support Black Owned, and Black Business Directory can help you find Black-owned businesses near you or that ship nationwide.
  • Utilize social media: Search for hashtags like #BlackOwnedBusiness and #SupportBlackBusinesses on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to discover Black-owned brands. Many businesses also have their own social media pages where you can learn about their products and services.
  • Ask around: Talk to friends, family, and colleagues – they might have recommendations for Black-owned businesses they love.
  • Look for Juneteenth sales and promotions: Some Black-owned businesses may offer special sales or promotions specifically for Juneteenth. Keep an eye on their social media pages or websites for announcements.

Remember, supporting Black-owned businesses isn't just about Juneteenth. You can continue to make a difference throughout the year by shopping at these businesses and encouraging others to do the same.

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