Graduation Season is Among Us!

I have a 2024 Grad this year! I know that some of the virtual Aunties and Uncles are like, dang, already? YESSS! Miss Malea Graduates 8th grade this year and y'all know I'm going UP ok!

Luckily Malea has a mommy who knows how to design and create, but what about the other parents? Well of course that's where I come in. Over the past few years of doing Malea's Closet, I have dealt with so many families stressed and frustrated with Prom and Graduation Season. Parents want to provide this grand celebration, but funds are limited or simply don't know where to start or what all is needed. THAT'S WHERE MALEA'S CLOSET COMES IN. 

We offer a DIY Graduation Party Package that provides a party in a box. All the customer has to do is set it up. Party Packages included is custom items and chips, water, juice etc.(whichever package and items you order). It alleviates time and can be picked up from the Chicagoland area or delivered to your door.

And stoles, cap toppers, fans, COVERED! We got you. 


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