Mobile Soft Play

Malea's Closet now offers Mobile Soft Play Packages.

With Summer coming to an end, and fall weather creeping upon us, you and your little ones will have more indoor parties. Indoor parties are usually limited because of space and less running around for toddlers. With our Soft Play rentals, you are able to have endless funs for those up to age 5.

Soft play is benefitable to those little ones. It aids in physical development in young children, assisting with motor skills. Motor development enable the movements children need for everyday tasks. It encourages physical activity, and strengthens their body. Soft play offers hours of fun and helps contribute to little ones proposed 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

Soft play give kids the opportunity to have fun with playmates, which helps in developing their social skills, language, and imagination. Kids get to interact and communicate with fellow kids, letting them share ideas, express feelings, and build friendships.

Soft Play Promotes Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Free Play is a great tool for children to explore and learn about the society they live in and the world around them.

With our packages, we want to insure all kids are safe and to make sure parents feel safe. We have gates with safety features and colorful soft mats to prevent bumps and bruises. We advise that if inflatables are used, please follow all standard rules pertaining to the safety of all.

Lastly, our multi colors used  can actually have a major impact on children’s mood and how children learn and absorb information. Red and yellow, for example, encourages creativity, enhances well being and creates alertness and excitement.